Success, punctuality and work ethic!

Success, punctuality and work ethic!!!


Being punctual, doing your best work by going the extra mile for everyone you work with will make you successful.

Growing up, my Grandmother and Auntie instilled in me the essence of hard work and being punctual.

 While my Grandmother couldn't read or write living in Ghana she was always elected as the Treasurer  in every club she joined, because the people knew she was fair and honest and will make sure no funds will be missing.

She was always punctual, worked fair with all her suppliers since she had a store selling everything from cooking oil, salt and anything that will turn profit within the law.

I recall her waking me up every morning just after dawn to get my house chores done before going to school which we walked about 4-5miles.

Now, in Ghana if you are late to school you get punished by manual labor or bringing cow manure to school the next day for the school garden. Since I hated the smell I preferred to give up my sleep and wake up early in order not to be late.

Now living in the USA, I have tried to instill in my Daughters the same work ethic, hard work and treating people with respect by being punctual. By punctual I will prefer to wake up 4am to get the day started to make sure to avoid my Daughters getting a tardy slip from school.

If I am delayed by traffic in picking up even for a minute my Girls will start calling wondering what's happening and when I ask why I was only a minute or two late they will reply, but Mama you are never late.

I just smile and know I have succeeded in passing on the message.

I learned from being a MaryKay consultant long time ago  that when you are late it is disrespectful to the other party. I added that to my mantra while running my CPA firm.

I try to be punctual with clients, do my best work and also be fair in my pricing by taking into account the other person's feelings and their situation.

My father said to me, always leave someone better off than they were before they met you. I have tried to pass it on to my Girls. It is my hope that anyone reading this will do the same and the World will be a wonderful place to enjoy while we are here.....