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We provide Accounting Software Training to suit your Business and Budget

We support the following Accounting Softwares:


  1. Xero Accounting Software
  2. Waveapps accountinf software

We will help you to decide which one you prefer and train you to be able to run your Business.

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With QuickBooks you will:

  • Have more time each day and every day
  • Avoid the deadly sins of small business bookkeeping
  • Get the most out of your accounting software
  • Focus on best opportunities to save time and money


  • Company Setup and preferences
  • Customers/Client: Create and e-mail invoices,
  • Receive payments online, and more
  • Vendor Management
  • Pay vendor bills, schedule payments for later,
  • Print and record check transactions, and more


  • Payroll Setup
  • Process payroll checks,
  • Pay payroll taxes online, and more
  • Connecting Bank accounts
  • Connecting Credit card accounts
  • Bank Download and categorize transactions,
  • Reconcile Bank and credit card statements
  • How to make QuickBooks work for you: Gain tips for business success and how to best manage your cash flow

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