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Live Weekly Webinars:  Wednesdays

Session 1   April 18 ,2018    Topic -   Company Setup and settings - Time :8am-10am  CST      $ 125   

Session 2   April  25, 2018   Topic -   Banking setup and transactions -  Time : 8am-10am  CST  $ 125 

Session  3  May  2, 2018  Topic -   Invoicing, payments & more -  Time:  8am-10am CST   $125

Session  4   May  9, 2018 Topic - Paying bills, checks , subcontractors - Time:  8am-10am CST $125

Session  5    May 16, 2018 Topic - Payroll , paying employee,Payroll taxes  Time:  8am-10am  CST $125

ALL SESSIONS  1-5  $ 549.00








Live QuickBooks Online version  in person Class

Thurs: May 17, 2018

 Register Today !  :   $355 per person

Don’t miss this valuable seminar on
what every business owner needs to know about QuickBooks


Navigate QuickBooks online with confidence after taking this in-person seminar!

With QuickBooks you will:

  • Have more time each day and every day
  • Avoid the deadly sins of small business bookkeeping
  • Get the most out of your accounting software
  • Focus on best opportunities to save time and money

    This seminar will teach you and answer all of your questions about:


  • Company Basics: Company, Sales, Expenses, Payments, and more
  • Customers/Client: Create and e-mail invoices, receive payments online, and more
  • Vendor Management: Pay vendor bills, schedule payments for later, print and record check transactions, and more
  • Employee and Payroll Setup: Run payroll checks, pay payroll taxes online, and more
  • Banking: Download and categorize transactions, reconcile bank and credit card statements, and more
  • How to make QuickBooks work for you: Gain tips for business success and how to best manage your cash flow
QBOnline version-Live Class
   $355. per person







Sat: April 28    $279 per person (Beg-Interm)

Sat: TBD     $279 per person (Advance Class)

Both Days  $ 549 per person


QuickBooks Seminar

Beginner & Intermediate Time: 9am - 5 pm

We will cover the following topics and more...

· Setting up QuickBooks

· Working with lists

· Working with bank accounts

· Using other accounts in QuickBooks

· Entering sales information

· Receiving payments and making deposits

· Entering and paying bills


Advance Class Time: 9 am - 5 pm

· Exporting reports to Microsoft

· Setting up inventory

· Tracking and paying sales tax

· Overview of sales tax in QuickBooks

· Paying your tax agencies

· Doing payroll with QuickBooks

· Creating jobs and estimates

· Customizing forms and writing

· QuickBooks Letters

· Customizing invoices

· Designing custom layouts for forms




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