Accounting Software Trg : Live Class in person& Live Webinar

Welcome to Small Business Helpers, LLC

We provide Accounting Software Training to suit your Business and Budget

We support the following Accounting Softwares:

  1. Xero Accounting Software
  2. Fresh Books
  3. Google Wave
  4. GoDaddy Bookkeeping
  5. Myob
  6. 17 Hats

We will help you to decide which one you prefer and train you to be able to run your Business.

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For those of interested in QuickBooks you can register below for our classes


QuickBooks Online Version

Live Class:  QuickBooks Online version  :  In person Seminar   :  Sign up here

Live Class:  QuickBooks Online version  : Webinar : On your PC/Tablet or phone  : Sign up here


QuickBooks Desktop

Live Class: QuickBooks Desktop : In person Class- Seminar Sign up here

Live Class: QuickBooks Desktop:  Webinar : On your PC/Tablet/phone  Sign up here

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